In 2005, Ohio’s took the bold step to make public places in Ohio smoke free.  Ohioans recognized the impact of secondhand smoke on employees and on the public.  By making public places smoke free, Ohioans sought to reduce the negative health impacts from heart disease, stroke, lung disease, asthma and cancer from secondhand smoke.  While Ohio was the first Midwest state to vote for smoke free air, coverage has expanded.  Now, 48.6% of Americans are covered by comprehensive clean indoor air laws.

Now, Ohio is in a unique situation to be a leader again!  Ohio will be the first state to have an existing, comprehensive smoke free air law where new casinos will be built.

All four Ohio casinos will be completely smoke free. In addition, the casinos in Toledo and Columbus (owned by Penn National Gaming) are hiring only tobacco-free employees.

This gives us a great opportunity to not only celebrate our casinos as smoke free, but also be a leader for other states as they work to pass smoke free laws or to strengthen existing laws.

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